Smiling Irish Kevin Fennessy

The “ Fabulous Fifties and Sensational Sixties come alive every weekday morning; a 35-year career broadcaster and acknowledged pop music expert, Kevin Fennessy wakes you but doesn’t shake you out of bed, with frequent Time and Weather, Johnny Holiday Sports, local, ABC and Paul Harvey News. The brightest and most brisk morning radio show in the area! 6-9 AM

WFBS Local News

Compiled written and delivered in a highly stylized manner, to keep our rising but not always shining morning listeners on their toes, paying attention to what happened…and to our sponsor’s messages! WFBS Radio’s commitment to public affairs is manifest in the form of frequent hard-hitting editorial commentaries, aired in all day parts. Weekday mornings at 7:25 and 8:25

Paul Harvey News and Comment
America’s most respected Broadcast Journalist, heard three times daily (and 12:10PM Saturdays), exclusively on 1280-ABC!

Saturday Morning Live
Now in it’s second year, Saturday Morning Live, the hottest thing on local radio, talks everything Berwick and everything Sports, hosted by our all new weekly host, Jeff Nevius. Join Jeff and his guests 10AM-12Noon, sponsored principally by Muscle Mag, THE place for vitamins and supplements, off the Kaiser Avenue exit of the North Scranton Expressway in Scranton.

Saturday Night Doo-Wop Cruise
WFBS plays back the street corner sounds of the fabulous Fifties, every Saturday night 5 – 9 PM on the Saturday Night Doo-Wop Cruise. Now at its new time, every week of the year!

Hot Rod Radio USA
Your Official Racing Station starts and ends your weekend with Wings Kalahan and 2 hours of Cruisi Oldies and Car Tunes, and plenty of laughs thrown in. Saturday mornings 7-9 AM and Sunday Nights 9-11 PM!

Animal Planet Radio
Steve Dale dispenses advice about caring for your pets, is joined by animal experts, even The Pet Psychic, Saturday mornings 9-10AM.

Sunday Morning of Worship
Hear these sponsored teachings and live worship broadcasts on Sunday mornings on WFBS.


Berwick 7th Day Adventist Church 7-8AM
Bible Answers with Doug Bachelor 8-9AM
Mifflinville UMC Church (Live Worship Service) 9-10AM
The Rosary, sponsored by The Legion of Mary of St. Columba’s Church, Bloomsburg, 10-10:30AM
Spread the Word with Pastor Al Capozzi 10:30-11:30AM
Father Justin’s Rosary Hour 11:30-Noon
Yesterday, Today & Forever with Ken Fortula sponsored by The Berwick Church of Christ 12:00 -12:30

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