1280 Radio Smiles was conceived as a unique form of radio entertainment, featuring the greatest pop music hits of the modern era, beginning in January 1956 through November 22, 1963.

From Memories Are Made Of This to There I’ve Said It Again, WFBS’ mixture of early Rock N Roll has been our calling card for five years running. When the area’s other radio station playing Oldies abandoned that format for hard rock, WFBS began evolving our musical posture to include all the hits of the sixties, from The British Invasion to Hair.

WFBS is now Your One & Oldies Station, where all the good songs have gone. Every month on the 15th, we remove one song from our on air library at your request…and we’re constantly looking to add new song titles to keep you coming back for more.

1280 Radio Smiles, the station that plays one great oldie after another, now plays more of your Doo-Wop favorites at all times every day.

Here’s the revised WFBS Wish List of wanted song titles. Do you have any of the follwing songs?

Cry Softly Nancy Ames
Elevator Grapefruit
Back to Dreamin Again Pat Shannon
Don’t Ever Be Lonely Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose
Your Nose is Gonna Grow Johnny Crawford
1900 Yesterday Liz Damon’s Orient Express
Move Over Darling Doris Day
7-11 Gone All Stars
Ringo Lorne Green
Mississippi Mud Si Zentner & Johnny Mann Singers
That’s Where I Went Wrong Poppy Family
Oh Lord, Why Lord Los Pop Tops
Show Me Joe Tex

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